CZone Integration with Siren Marine Gives Boat Owners Remote Control and Monitoring of Their Vessels

Posted on: 9/23/2020 7:00:00 AM

CZone® now integrates with Siren Marine to further enhance the on and off water experience for today’s boat owners. The newly created Works with CZone® program has enabled smooth integration with third party partners. When you combine CZone® digital switching systems with Siren Marines remote connectivity, you get complete control and monitoring of critical on-board systems on and off the vessel.

Boat owners can remotely power up systems, even before heading to the boat. This eliminates the need to wait for systems to come online, reducing on board preparation time for all users, whether you are enjoying a family outing, fishing, or cruising. Turn the bait freezer on to make sure it’s nice and cold on arrival, or simply increase security and safety by turning on deck and cockpit lights before arrival.

As well as controlling circuits, you can monitor battery levels, shore power, fluid levels, and even GPS positioning of your vessel. You can also receive instant alerts to your mobile device, for critical data, notifying you of potential problems.

“With more technology on boats, consumers are demanding more visibility and control of on board systems” Says Mark Harnett, Senior Product Manager at CZone®, “The Works with CZone®, integration program aims to reduce complexity for the end user, and by integrating with Siren Marine consumers can control and monitor their vessel from anywhere using their mobile device”.

Adding Siren Marine remote connectivity to a CZone® vessel will require a simple configuration update from a certified CZone® installer. The Siren module is very easy to install just requiring power and a connection to the NMEA2000 network. The Siren mobile app will automatically populate CZone® circuits and modes just as they appear on a CZone® display, with the user having the flexibility to choose the switches they would like to show on the app home screen.

About CZone®:

CZone® is the world leader in intelligent digital switching. CZone® control and monitoring simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring. CZone® is perfect for marine and mobile applications and replaces switch panels with networked digital switching interfaces providing ultimate control of onboard electrical systems.

About Works with CZone®:

The Works with CZone® program ensures users can buy with confidence knowing that any 3rd party integration that carry’s the Works with CZone® brandmark adheres to strict guidelines and is tested and validate by CZone®’s engineers. Works with CZone® benefits users by reducing complexity and automating systems commonly found on board vessels or vehicles. It also formalizes and simplifies the integration process for all parties involved, reducing cost and installation time for Manufactures.

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