Works with CZone Program Simplifies Third Party Integration

Posted on: 7/8/2020 7:00:00 AM

CZone, the world’s leading systems integration and digital switching systems, is set to integrate with even more 3rd party partners moving forward. 

The Works with CZone program ensures both consumers and manufacturers can buy with confidence knowing that any 3rd party integration that carries the Works with CZone brandmark adheres to strict guidelines and is tested and validated by CZone’s engineers.

Works with CZone benefits users by reducing complexity, and automating systems commonly found on board vessels or vehicles. It also formalizes and simplifies the integration process for all parties involved, reducing cost and installation time for boat builders and RV manufacturers.

The works with CZone program is available in 3 levels of integration, all aiming to help improve the user experience and benefit all devices on the CZone networks. Integrations include connected switches or keypads, monitoring displays or gauges showing tank levels or battery voltage data. More in-depth integration such as MFD applications, and full partner app integrations like connected boat or telematics systems for remote monitoring and control of CZone circuits and alarms.  

The current CZone landscape has integration partners that includes all major marine Multi-Function Displays, HVAC, Tyre Pressure Monitors, Telematics and Boat Tracking apps, and more. Visit for more information.


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